Appendix referring to Silvius Theumer according to a most probable and required development optionalizing the requirement of a court process according to estimated empathy "each": Felix Czeck acknowledges that it was not about Silvius Theumer's or his cultural scope of estimated awareness horizont to realistically estimated the risk of Felix Czeck's suicidal reaction he pointed out to be effected by, in case to be accomodated at a carnivore, homosexually effected like furthermore gerontologic structure like the Knuepperhaus in Meiningen.

felixCHECK: "Sehr geehrter Herr Winfried Jaeger des DAFKS fulda ...hiermit "bitte" ich um 312 Euro pro 6 dieser Jacken incl. Versand & MWS..." Winfried J.: "die wollen wir nicht haben" felixCHECK: Sie haben nicht mehr als 48 Stunden zeitlichen Spielraum bis sonst das DAFKS Profil auf nach geltendem Presserecht auf den niedrigsten verfuegbaren Status "Antisupported" degradiert wird... 🖖😸


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veganormonelologically... NEW CI of Scientology.CAM / / © - Star Trek advertisement from Germany

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This step has been partly already also performed on Terra through mostly Star Trek fans i.e. engageing at namesgiving votings for NASA vessels. A nice beginning. If you are on the same opinion like me, that the descriped process could include each individual beneath that namesgiving votes, maybe smartphone apps, desktop design, fan conventions, etc. also be escorted by own strong webpresenses in the internet, we are one step further, that Terra indeed joins that discriped cosmic avant-garde cultures.

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As far as the OLD CI was only a pupertant and vegalolomaniac compensensation against most evil and nether individuals, we are  ambitioned to work out the pure ideal of all our CI and company philosophy as a synthesis of all aspects of given or yet to achieve positivism, especially beyond all reactive and unpleasent megalomania! The NEW CI excuses itself for all those ungumerous insults of the OLD CI against proven achievements of industy and business, which condescending arrogance maybe better fit  the attitude of the Star Trek trademark as movie- and onlinegamecompany as well as integrity players than the point of view of a adverisement and media editing like furthermore escort community, doesn't it? Q might have repeat his quote "One creature's torment is another creature's delight" now, but we are even more on the opinion that an individual gets treated like it treats other individuals in turn, by the defintion of karma, and the very destiny itself!!!. ;-]p

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If that also fails, please call your phone company, and the state executive namely police with the national guards, Starfleets tactical department, Section 31 and M.A.C.O. and furthermore maybe even the Mormons if they put their god-fearing piety like furthermore nevertheless elegant polyamorosity in the service of our buissnesses, veganism and progress to clear the connection like the channels, respectively to prepare an accussation against hostlie occupational forces, that continue to communicatively seperate us from each other ...!!!

P.S.: But if you should indeed be on the opinion a Cybersocialism with a vegan hubris and immortality spirituality will never fit your demands and expectations for your businesses and lifestyle, feel free to have a look on the OLD CI in order to become even more disappointed and deillusioned according to that your disgusting mentalities! 

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