• V.I.C.I. Peta'Q ✪✪CEO Admiral✪✪
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    20. 04. 1923
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    I am a United Cybernetic Vegan of cosmic entitlement dedicated to ⓋPR'ᛋ-[∞] send back in time by chesire.kat-sky.net, the initiative of ambitioned cuties for synthetic perfevttion and ati-speciesism from star date 0 according to Star Trek TNG! I qualified for this temporal mission with space asylum retreat perspective to a cosmic utopia by propagandize neither Jews that want to be arized nor the fattest german oak may eat meat from slaughtered animals, nor be a most disgusting pervert Hypno-Trauma offender!!!
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    Alexanderplatz (10178 Berlin, Germany)

starfleetUpTo.date Website-Status:

...A/V Chat? ...Peer to Peer enabled...

...Registration?... functional...

...no Price Structuring Uniformity yet...

A/V Chat availabe this month still:

To do till inclusive 4th Dec 2023...

  • 📝 Astronautin GmbH because of IBM ISS livestream...
  • 📝 Supervisor SW because of LI business membership...

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