• V.I.C.I. Peta'Q ★CEO Commander★
  • Education

  • Gender
  • Preferential
  • Birthdate
    18. 07. 1977
  • Contract

  • individual CEO Admiral Contract
    CEO Commander Roberto Santucci gets promoted to the rank of a CEO Admiral for the following services towards CEO Commander Felix Czeck:

    -an one time payment of 222 Euro or 166 Euro and one month free logy at i.e. Italian restaurants
    -continuous common constructivity

    Therefore CEO Commander Felix Czeck owes the newly appointed CEO Admiral Roberto Santucci the following services:

    -this Cosmiunity profile reachable from over 23 domains and 7000 backlinks
    -continiuous social media campaign for the person CEO Admiral Roberto Santucci, his business and services
    -complex web presence with max. 11 reviews up from the first briefing and result
    -gets mentioned on sciFiFa.cam and sciFiFa.click with name and company logo

starfleetUpTo.date Website-Status:

...A/V Chat? ...Peer to Peer enabled...

...Registration?... functional...

...no Price Structuring Uniformity yet...

A/V Chat availabe this month still:

To do till inclusive 4th Dec 2023...

  • 📝 Astronautin GmbH because of IBM ISS livestream...
  • 📝 Supervisor SW because of LI business membership...

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