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9 minutes reading time (1798 words)'s Cold Call

Mainly we recommend a kind, empathic but nevertheless single-minded main strategy in order to achieve conversions when you arrange memberships: 

 1.) Introduce yourself bindingly friendly:

After an introduction of your person (name and rank at and furthermore casual description of your achieved as well as additionally desired carrier goals you should mention an optional sense of obligation from your knowledges, skills and features to serve the traget persons interests and goals subject to conditions following after the target person's response in turn.

Then you should ask the target person for it's own current and preferred job like furthermore relationship status while workin towards occurences of the target person's characterics with those of our target groups (opens in new window).

If someone is no strict business person searching for a hirachical concept for the leadership aura's support symbolized through the's rank system there is still a strong chance that such target person follows our more idealistic missions and the other way arround...

Orientation Examples: 

case a) target person reports modestly to you:

"I am or desire to be selfemployed, furthermore to have many relations at the same time like a goddamit cool lifestyle pimp and have several children that I desire to inspire for marketing purposes..."

exemplary target person type A

"I am am or want to be employed at company X / agency Y, desire to marry and have several childs..."

exemplary target person type B

respond a) to such modestly profiling person 

"Mainly you should know that would desire to support you in reaching these your personal goals in an almost fanatically degree of expression like it even desires to support Terra's pending interstellar emancipation...

but like yourself in many cases also asks for your understanding for the requirement of a balanced accounting. So please let me present several membership options and belonging features staggered according to relevance and price, please..."


case b) target person reports something "vegalolomaniacally" fitting to you:

"I desire to be a leader belonging to an interstellar empire with mighty space fleets and a world's luck or doom shall depend on my command"

exemplary target person type C

response b) to such a "Vegalolomaniac" 

"Please join our Cosmiunity designated for your participation at our orbital Millenium Party when we will celebrate argumented-reality-chat-connected with the people on the planetary surface while watching proudly the indication of our interstellar company networks. So if you really want to be a leader never lead a planet having chances to join the "Pimperial Vegan Cybernetic Trade Fusion Cosmiunity Domainion" into the certainty of doom!!! in the following let me present the options we have now...:"


case c) target person does not want to provide information or even becomes unfriendly: 

≈ "Please keep calm Sir or Madam. You seem almost be such mistrustful like an Andorian. If it is currently uncomfortable for you to communicate about job and relationships I am encouraged to change the topics to something more comfortable... Do you like sports? Star Trek? Want to be a successful and respected pimp?"

>> In the following it will be your task as arrangy to draw a convincing bow between the target person's compensation interests which could in example be "sports" towards our offers and lifestyle concept which should be discribed objectively the best way as containing similar aspects of challenge and team-play, but completely lacking in physical exertion.


Priority one: arrange "✪✪✪⚡Q⚡✪" memberships = worth 9999 Dollar = each 2299.77 Dollar for you!!!

As a Q you enjoy all of all membership advantages with an one time investion for all eternity, like in example three webapplications that will be created for you extended and promoted by intensive Social Media campaigns and 300+ very SEO relevant webdirectory entries.

Feautres of the website itself are available in unlimited degrees of expression for you, if you purchase for a Q membership.

Additionally you will be a legal copyright owner of all our open source software, designs and intellectual property, which will be available at a cloud drive for you.

Available for only 1111 Dollar!

2nd Priority: arrange "✪✪CEO Adm✪" memberships = worth 4999 Dollar = each 1149.77 Dollar for you!!! 

As a CEO Admiral you enjoy all advantages except the ownership of ALL our open source software, designs and intellectual property IF THEY ARE NOT belongig to your three webpresences that will be establishes for you incl. Social Media campaign and webdirectory entries. Of course, websites and their functionalty and designs will be yours forever. The CEO Admiral membership is beneath the Q as well as the ★let Cadet membership lifelong, except that you delete your profile or there are serious violations against our TOS.

In example for the case that you are an interior architect, you might want your own old webpresence created by another agency or provisionally to be remastered respectively established firstly by In the following you have the option to sell each one of the additional two webpresences stipulated by the CEO Admiral membership option to a stage designer and a draughtsman for each about 1000 Dollar incl. an event predestinating for future jointventures. Benaeth those three websites an ADDITIONAL webstore is incl..

3rd Priority: arrange "≛Trade Coord≛™" 6 years memberships = worth 2888 Dollar = each 664,24 Dollar for you!!!  

As a link between the CEO Admiralty / Q section and the CEO Command consisting of the Starlet Cadets, Promo Minxes and CEO Commanders themselves, the Trade Coordinator is designated for profiting economic engagements at the shop section.

Your webstore will be reachable at a subdomain like "" and ({fELI.x[2ॐ❤]©zeck} - "The catty VEGAN") usually has no problem with adding maybe 200 cost-neutral business cards to the service portfolio included in the price of 333 Dollar for six years. Please acknowledged that a screen sharing admin-lesson and further support is also included.

We can't guarentee to you, that will approve your membership request in any case, especially not, if your concept or products do not fit's corporate identity.

4th Priority: arrange "★CEO Comdr★" 1 year memberships = worth 31 Dollar / m = each 20.24 Dollar for you / m!!!  

Except those webpresence establishing and copyright privileges the CEO Commander enjoys like all the upper ranks above too, exciting feautures like mass email campaigns, to place markers on the tactical map, like furthermore to register commercial or free events with selling online-tickets at and more feautures like submitting surveys for statistical personal and marketing research.

Significant for the rank CEO Commander at is also it's suggestive article publication right, but which needs to be approved by the members of the CEO Admiralty and Q section all in all with simple majority.

5th Priority: arrange "📱 Promo Minx ❤️" 3 years memberships = worth 66 Dollar / m = each 15.18 Dollar / m for you!!!  

Compared with the cost-neutral ★let Cadet membership the Promo Minx has access to the peer to peer and conference A/V chat all the time instead of only the first half of the month. No matter if the account is designated to a gilrfriend, prostitute, pupil, secretary, account manager or in general someone who loves all styles of fantasy and science fiction in balance with her business relations like furthermore additionally likes to be escorted and secured by a strong, confident nevertheless consequent idealism!

Philosophizing and moderating between's new CI of an interstellar vegan Cybersocialism and's old CI practicing agitation by the planetary film and games industrie's vain conspiracies - reaching from the first ancient theater plays untill sophisticated ARs in the future - against the carnivore class and civilization enemy!

Alternative Priority: to put up a life-long "★let Cadet" membership for disposition for the target person free of charge

No matter if the target person can't or does not want to afford a commercial membership, it is still an option to invite him to a costneutral ★let Cadet  membership. The memberhsip plan can be updated any time the target person desires the according additional services, features and reputation.

Tip: Politely advise the target person to add YOUR name into the "recruited by" filed of his Cosmiunity profile as soon as respectively latestly when he updates his membership, for you to be entitled to receive the according commission.

Follow-up treatment if the target person hesitates to agree:

First of all convince the target person, that he will not be left alone within the world of IT and webdesign, but will enjoy priority support. Furthermore that also at memberships with limited duration the results like in example the webdirectory entries will be maintained membership contract duration comprehensive.

Furthermore you are authorized to provide a discount option about up to 11.5% to the target person which will completly substracted from your commission.

If the target person shows some interest or even fascination for the lifestyle concept as well as it's scope of services, but still hesitates to invest in a membership or demands some additional time for considerations, you should especially not forget to provide your contact data like phone and email to the target person.

Furthermore you should signalize that you are available for all kind of queries also for the case the target person has an individual additional feature request, extra wish or condition for it's membership announce that you will discuss that certain option with the CEO Admiralty and do exactly that as next step.

Your entitlement to receive your commission will not be negatively effected by that step.

Conditions of participation for receiving's commissions for arranging memberships:

An own profile with the min. rank of a free of charge ★let Cadet mebership is required and provides a rankspecific ammount of 23% commission legitimations to earn from membership arrangements. So the pseudorank "ANTI SUPPORT FILE" is not entitled for earning from arrangements. 

ATTENTION: If the recruited target person does not enter your username in the "recruited by:" filed at registration, there is also no entitlement to receive the commission. 

Furthermore the certain arranged and validated by the filled out "recruited by" field MUSTN'T BE "Cybermonday" reduced! The Cybermonday discount is reserved for the non-carnivore clientel that will be trilled, assimilated, pornographized according to the Pimperial Vegan Cybernetic Trade Fuision Cosmiunity Domainion's idealism and efficiency and furthermore must mandatorily agree to a transparent accounting and expects to pay some profit percentages for a certain duration...!

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