www.starfleetUpTo.date decided to...

...sponsor the German - American friendship club www.dafks.de in Fulda, the barock center of the NATO world map Trikots with that logo just in the area above a human's heart and an additional ammount to invest in best players
goals of that action are inter alia:

✅ to promote vegan integrity within the German - American friendship - veganize the "Schaschlikmobil"
✅ publically examplarily using American footballs made of rubber instead of leather
✅ excavate new recruits for starfleetUpTo.date's global and interstellar entitlements about idealism and economy
✅ increase starfleetUpTo.date's reputation and furthermore to optimize it's company image

Maybe beneath the logo positioning those cheerleaders and players additionally have to speak out some Star Trek quotes and advertisement messages while being recorded...

Wether you like it or not! - This is not the last you heared from us!

Please support our promotion by donating
to PayPal: CEO-Command@starfleetUpTo.date

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